Estees Gastbeitrag („Op-Ed“): Good to be back!

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Herbert suggested a quick „Op-Ed“, an update on how I experienced all this – since he sits on the computer bloggingt away and letting the world know every detail. Here is my story:

Mama Mia

„First and foremost, I want to apologize for the lack in correspondence- it has been a busy week after Mia’s birth- as you can all imagine, our new little bundle of joy took a while to get used to. Juggling between Max and Mia, so that Max does not feel left out and the best way is to get him involved with the upkeep of Mia.

Herbie is in love- with Mia off course and no I am not jealous- just glad that the two of them are bonding beautifully and in part very happy that he wants to dote on her 24/7. I think if he had breast, he’d breastfeed her.

Max is on cloud nine being a big bro- he’s very protective and proud, stopping any Tom, Dick and Harry on the street and telling them that he has a baby sister. It’s hilarious but I don’t think these busy Wall St types really care about his euphorism- they have other problems like the subprimes to worry about. Nevertheless, it’s great to see his excitement and frust ; he’s dying to play trains and dinosaurs with Mia so he’s wondering why she sleeps all day, hangs on my breast every single minute and poops after every feed. What can I say? Nevertheless Max has already secured a firm spot in Mia’s heart, how can he not when the first thing he does in the morning is shower her with kisses than he’d read her a book, sing songs and more or less entertains her while Herbie and I have breakfast. What am I going to
do when he starts school!?!?!??

As for me, well, I’m just glad this pregnancy is over and that Mia is born healthy without any complications. You have no idea how thrilled I am to be out and about again. After months on end in bed, I feel like I’ve been given a whole new leash on life. Ahhh, the things we take for granted.

So, I am happy to end this note and bid adieu to the past – The Notorious Threesome, we had our share of fun the last 5 years from amazing travels to bar hoppings with Max etc.. and welcome The Fabulous Foursome… May we continue our notoriety!! Cheers!“

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