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Identifying customer needs and providing the most appropriate technological answers, guaranteeing optimal support and the achievement of high performance are the main objectives of Softamber Development team, without ever losing sight of integrity, loyalty and transparency. The company works alongside its customers to help them pursue the excellence necessary to increase and develop their business, as well as helping to generate value and competitiveness with innovative ideas and pragmatism.

Thanks to multidisciplinary skills and natural experience, with several successful cases in America and Europe, Softamber is able to support companies in the realization of projects for different levels of complexity with a wide range of services such as consultancy, assessment, setup and governance of “agile” projects. The expertise in software development with the use of different technologies and paradigms allows that versatility and flexibility that distinguishes this IT company in its projects.

Furthermore, the know-how acquired in the definition and design of processes, modeling of business processes, re-engineering and improvement of the performance of business processes, makes Softamber Development a reliable technological partner in the challenge of today’s companies: the alignment of business with its IT.

Softamber services and tools

The software solutions, Softamber Development proposes, integrate with the development tools already present in your company and allow you to organize and control the activities of the developer and testers from a single management console. Softamber chooses the most appropriate technologies and gives a dimension to the work and to the various professional figures who will have to be involved, they rationalize different aspects of the project by writing and drawing up operating and use schemes. In this phase they also deal with carrying out studies of interaction design, the fascinating discipline that studies man-machine interaction, with the aim of optimizing navigation flows to the maximum, making it easy to find information. The company introduces support tools for:

  • Management of the development process;
  • The planning and execution of tests;
  • The measure of the quality level;
  • Performance analysis;
  • Control of software defects!

To keep up with the competition, organizations need the agility and performance of the cloud, but these technologies inevitably add complexity to their IT environment. Tightly integrated infrastructures are being replaced by modular managed services in hybrid private and public cloud environments. To remain competitive, there is a need to port and adapt applications to the cloud. With assistance of Softamber a business can build successful, end-to-end, innovative IT projects with a focus on technology, modernization, streamlining, agility, and cloud migration.

Softamber offers an ERP management software to improve information administration activities, integrated and easy-to-use solutions, which facilitate collaboration between all areas and comply with B2B electronic invoicing and the Public Administration. The company satisfies the needs of the personnel involved in data registration and the administration of information and documents necessary for business management through modules for administration, purchases, accounting, billing and orders.

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